Sign up today for private lessons in guitar, bass guitar, vocals, drums, or beginner piano. Lessons are appropriate for children or adults. Students receive customized lessons, tailored to their unique musical interests and abilities. Recording (including music videos) is often used as an instructional tool and a way to show progress, and has been shown to provide strong results. Learn what is the most practical and relevant for you, so you can pursue the music you want to!  Lessons are $50/hour. 

Group lessons, or rock band classes, are formed when four or more students sign up, so refer your friends!  Classes are driven by the students’ musical interests and abilities. Learn what is the most practical and relevant for your group! Group lessons can culminate with a live performance or music video produced by the students. Students can choose between guitar, bass guitar, piano, drumming, or vocals.  Jason currently teaches group lessons at communities such as Odyssey School, N2Worship, Maverick School, Red River Church and other networks. To sign up, click here. 
4 students minimum, $20.00/hr per student 

Learn to record, mix and maximize your music with the equipment that you already have! This is for the do-it-yourself musicians that enjoys the production process and wants to learn the basics behind effects and editing (as well as save a lot of money). Requires a computer or a tablet with a full digital audio workstation (DAW) to edit your music on your own time. During lessons, you will also have access to the industry-standard mics, preamps and audio to digital converters in Red River Studios. $40/hour


Audio recording services include studio or live, multitrack, and 32-bit audio recording with producion, mixing, and mastering. Tell Jason what kind of sound you want and use the industry-standard mics, preamps and audio to digital converters in Red River Studios to get the pristine sound you're looking for. Jason is available as an in-house studio musician, as well. $40/hour, or contact Jason for a quote on a full song.


Nothing accentuates quality music like 4K, cinematic video. Whether you're looking for a storyboarded music video, multi-camera live concert capture or a stunning commercial, Jason's got some answers. Need a professional promo shot, logo, poster or website icon? Jason has been creating content for musicians for over a decade. $40/hour


Jason has performed live music in Austin in original projects (Atomic Alive, The Lindsay Wells Band, The Charla Corn Band, Three Year Charm and more) and cover projects (The Band in Black, The Texas Three, Acoustic Avenue, wedding/dance). Jason has shared the stage with acts such as Del Castillo, Earle Pool Ball, The Apologetix, Sounds Under Radio, Buzz Cason, Ember, and more. He has also formally lead worship bands for over 7 years and currently serves as the worship leader at Red River Church since July 2006. Whether interested in The Band in Black, The Texas Three, or Jason Birdwell, contact us for your next event!